China Nationalizes PPE Manufacturers

China has nationalized its PPE manufacturers. Specifically, the factories which produce respirators and masks, face shields, etc. are no longer allowed to export PPE to the United States under the order of the Communist Party of China. This comes at a time when ordering of these materials are hitting all time records.

As a consequence to this unprecedented move by the Chinese government, suppliers, including ourselves, can no longer purchase certain personal protective equipment for our customers. Thus after the inventory is depleted we will remove the products from our listings until we can source the products elsewhere.

However, all orders are guaranteed as the inventory is located within the continental United States. We do not dropship the medical supplies to our customers but rather purchase in bulk in order to ensure the best possible prices for all of our products.

We regret this inconvenience and this new difficulty that has arisen during this already troubled time. Please be patient as we find new sources of the highly desired PPE.

As always, should you have any questions regarding your orders or our products, please contact our support team at

Stay safe!

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